A Short Introduction about me

About Me

Hey, Myself Sangram Keshari Senapati popularly known as Gapu(ଗପୁ) among family and friends born on 10th January 1995. I've completed b. tech in CSE and searching for a job. Photography is my love, camera is my wife and the new technology is my lover.


In the Engineering days, I've started a photography club. That photography club captures the traditional pics, tourism, our cultures and the main objective of the club is to capture the unseen beauty of nature for the public. I love to read and write. In 2015 I've started a blog in my name and started writing in Odia Wikipedia also.

Interests on Work

I work for those which I like. Software job is my main work. Life needs some money and a little bit love. Love earned from family and money to be earn from the software jobs. And I share the earned love and knowledge with others to increase its' size.

Quotations of my Life.

"Do it today or regret TOMORROW"

"Life gives us more, we needs to share a little."